The Shopper's Blvd. Story



 Hey There!

              Thanks so much for visiting and joining our community! It really means a lot to me that women are making health-conscious decisions. knowing that this is a new business, I truly thank you for all your support. Let me introduce myself! My name is Kelly and I am the CEO of Shopper’s Blvd! I want to share a little bit about myself and about the story behind the store’s beginning.

              I am just an average young mother, wife, and a woman of great faith. I have a desire for seeing dreams and destinies come into reality. As you may know, I am not the creator of our products, but I am a partner with the companies who have created them. But I will tell you, I will be the first one to believe in and use them!

                The Shopper’s Blvd. story is that of a humble beginning. I did not know it at the time, but this whole journey actually started on Instagram. I was very active on Instagram contacting women regarding some vegan products that I was selling at the time as an independent consultant. As long as I could remember, I have always been conscious of the ingredients within the products and food that I consume, and I have always wanted the same for other women. I had even run a business making my own all natural cosmetics years ago. At the time that I was reaching out to women on Instagram, I was personally looking for new organic feminine care products to use and couldn’t find anything! One of the women that I contacted told me about Genial Day products! I was so happy and intrigued to find a product that was not only natural, but that also had many health benefits as well! Like so many other women, I had never heard of anything like it so I tried it out and loved it! The woman (we’ll call her Tracie) who messaged me worked for a partnering company of Genial Day and asked if I would like to be a part of their sister company. Of course I wanted to, but I wasn’t sure if it was God’s will for me and I also didn’t have the money to get started right away. After some time, I asked my husband if I could start working with this company when we had enough money for me to get started. He said yes and I was so excited! I just couldn’t wait until we had enough money! A couple months passed and we FINALLY had enough money to order my first inventory but a lot of things were going wrong on Tracie’s company’s end and it was not the right fit for me. God told me not to do it, so I walked away. I just said inwardly, “Oh well God, I guess it just wasn’t for me.”

                  Little did I know, that wasn’t the end. I was 27 years old, learning, growing and focusing on my purpose for living (as I still am a year later). At this time, I had reached a point in my life where I had begun to see the great equity that lied within myself. Struggling a little financially, I became dissatisfied and I knew that I didn’t have to settle for these circumstances of life. So, I began to seek God and pray that he would lead me to the right path of work that would get the equity that lied within me OUTSIDE, manifested in real life! Sometime later, I went to a local store where I saw the Genial Day product. I looked at it for a while and a glimmer of hope was still alive inside of me that I still might get to sell the product myself one day. I felt a strong leading to ask about the product, so I did. I went and inquired about it to a manager and I left my number with her. Later that night, I was at home doing dishes, worshipping and praying, just loving on Jesus and talking with Him. My heart was heavy that night because I saw too much financial suffering around me amongst the people that I loved. As children of God, I just knew that we should not be struggling like this! We are conquerors! So, I began to just pour my heart out in tears to God in a way that I never have for another person. I cried and it hurt as if it was myself, and I asked God, “Lord please give me a way to help my loved ones financially.” I felt I like I had the power to do something about it. And about 15 minutes later, while I was still doing dishes, worshipping in tears, my phone rang and you won’t believe who it was! …It was the President of Genial Day!!! WHAT!? I Knew that was God answering my prayer within 15 minutes!!! Can you say MIRACLE?!? Never before had He moved on my behalf and answered my prayer so quickly! In my heart, I truly believe and know that it was because my heart went out towards OTHERS instead of myself. It turns out that the president of Genial Day got my number from when I had inquired about their products earlier that day, and my number got passed from person to person until it reached him! I told him about my desire to sell his product and after having more discussions over the next couple of months we became partners!

                    Well, I had what I wanted, the right to sell awesome products that I used and loved, but I had no money to actually buy inventory and start selling it. All I knew to do was to trust God because I knew He was pulling strings for me. I didn’t know how I would get the money to sell these products, but I knew that I would. Meanwhile, I was keeping my eyes and ears open for God to lead me down the right path to make ALL this happen. I was living in an apartment complex at the time. It was that time of the year when a lot of my neighbors were moving out, so they started setting perfectly good items next to the dumpster. That’s when I just started picking up perfectly good pieces of furniture and selling them locally. Well it didn’t take long until some of those perfectly good items were in the dumpster as well… and so was I, diving in the dumpster after them. So, I spent that whole season making money that way. I also had a friend who was on the same quest as me and she told me about selling on Amazon. It was like she came into my life just to tell me about Amazon! God showed me that this is what I already do, just on a bigger scale so, He gave me the green light to start an online store! Thus, came Shopper’s Blvd. I also started selling on eBay and other selling apps. Friends and family also started coming to me to sell things for them because I was good at it. They would take most of the money or all of it and I would get a small percentage of the sale because I just wanted to help them out. I was happy because this equity within was manifesting and helping others! My husband was very leery about me starting a business, but I told him that I would start it without using any of our money. And although I started from nothing, I was able to do just that!  Shortly after, I travelled to meet the President of Genial Day in person and I used much of the money I had made to fund the business. I bought my first bulk order of inventory! Won’t He do it?! Ever since then, I have been raising awareness about Genial Day products throughout the country and sharing my personal testimony as a result of using them. I’ve raised the most awareness in Illinois where I am based at.

               Something else that you don't know about me is that I am a prison chaplain. My heart goes out to women in need, whether they're in prison, a mansion or in the projects. The thing I like about speaking with women in prison is that they know that they need help. But some women need just as much help who seem to have it all together. I have SO been there, and the truth is, we all need help. Because of my nature to reach out, I will be prone to offer personal advice as well as share my personal challenges, triumphs and learning experience. So, PLEASE don't be afraid to ask a question. This community is going to be the best community that you are a part of. My life's purpose is to help others, and I am always willing and ready to lend an ear.

                    As I said earlier, Shopper’s Blvd. truly had a humble and miraculous beginning, full of divine intervention. Am I saying that the opening of the store is my ultimate dream come true? No, but it’s definitely a stepping stone and a piece of the whole puzzle. It feels really good to dig deep down inside myself and use the gifts that God gave me to benefit not only myself but those around me; even at a young age and despite all the circumstances that so many of us feel like it’s impossible to change. As I’ve also said before, I am all about making not only dreams come true, but I’m about making the God-given destinies which give birth to those dreams come true, and I know that if we seek and find our creator, He will show us our purpose and all we have to do is believe. That very belief forms action. Not the kind of action that waits for the circumstances to be right, but the kind of belief that causes us to bloom right where we’re planted. My moto is, with God, all things are possible. Again, I thank you for being here, and I cannot wait to connect and succeed not only in feminine health, but in all areas of life together. This is only the beginning!



Shopper’s Blvd. CEO