Organic Regular Flow Pads

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The most absorbent, eco-certified pad on the market!

These are ideal for a heavier Regular flow and can be worn overnight. 


  • Developed to naturally help to alleviate common symptoms associated with PMS and vaginal infection.
  • Contains NO chemicals, fragrance or lotion, made with the highest quality toxin-free materials providing NO skin irritation —dermatologically tested.   
  • Soft, dry, comfy and breathable organic cotton 
  • Anion Strip: Natural protection against irritation & odor, made with antibacterial silver ions and Tourmaline gemstone—scientifically recognized detoxifier that promotes woman’s wellbeing
  • Naturally PH friendly
  • Ultra thin, individually wrapped and sealed for contaminant-free purse carry
  • Not tested on animals



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Our pads vs. conventional pads:


       Recommended Uses:

Regular menstrual flow or incontinence/ bladder control and postpartum care. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Nonwoven Stay Dry cover sheet, ANION Strip with silver and tourmaline, air-laid paper with cotton, SAP, PE breathable back sheet, adhesive strips, PE wrapper.